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COVID-19 Resources

Gender and COVID-19


Data Tracking:

Operation 50/50 Women’s Health

UN Health – data tracker

Humanitarian Data Exchange (OCHA)

Tracking the Gender Impact of COVID-19: An Indicator Framework (Data2x)



No events currently

Past Events:

June 19, 8:00am PDT: COVID-19 in Racialized and Marginalized Communities

June 11, 10am EST:  COVID-19 and the Care Economy in the Global South (WEDLab)

June 3, 9:30am EST:  Safeguarding Access to Sexual and Reproductive Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic

May 28, 10am EST: Gender Matters: COVID-19 and the labour market in the Global South

May 14, 6pm CEST: Domestic Violence in the Time of COVID-19: European and Local Responses

May 14, 11am EST  DevEX: How unconventional data can inform gender-based violence responses.


Resource Pages:

Data 2x

UN Women: Women Count

Gendered Violence and Covid-19

World Bank Group

Resources to address Covid-19 violence against women

European Institute for Gender Equality

United Nations Population Fund

Open Data Watch

WIEGO: Covid-19, Informal Workers, and WIEGO’s work during this crisis

Feminist Response to COVID (Gender and Development Network)



Journal and Media Articles - COVID-19 and Gender:

Mapping all articles (UNESCO)


Epidemiological Studies

Why Is COVID-19 Striking Men Harder Than Women? (Time)


Intra-household effects

IGC: COVID-19 and the impact on women

Ravinder Kaur and Sonalde Desai. 2021. The Elusive Transformation: Household Responsibilities and COVID-19. Feminist Perspectives, Kings College, London.


Economic Effects

10 lessons from the COVID-19 frontline for a more gender-equal world(World Economic Forum)

Gallup Group: Food Insecurity Risks Greater for Women in COVID-19 Crisis

The Impact of COVID-19 on Gender Equality (National Bureau of Economic Research)

The Coronavirus Fallout May Be Worse for Women Than Men. Here’s Why. (World Economic Forum)

Why we need gender perspectives in our global solutions to COVID-19 (European Institute for Peace)

Women the biggest losers(The Pioneer)



COVID-19: the gendered impacts of the outbreak (The Lancet)

The gendered impacts of the outbreak (WHO)

Gender and the Coronavirus Outbreak (Think Global Health)

COVID-19 Health Disparities Expose Systemic Racism against African Americans(HRH Journal)



The Coronavirus Is a disaster for feminism (The Atlantic)

Sexism on the Covid-19 frontline: 'PPE is made for a 6ft 3in rugby player'(The Guardian)

The Gendered Impact of Coronavirus Pandemic In India (Outlook India)

Does Covid-19 Hit Women and Men Differently? U.S. Isn’t Keeping Track (NY Times)

Living on the Edge: COVID-19 Adds to Distress and Discrimination of Indian Transgender Communities (HRH Journal)


Photo by Jeremy Stenuit on Unsplash